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Random Letter

For those who are searching for a tool that'll create a single English alphabet letter, you've found your perfect tool. There are times when a word or a sentence is too much and you want to get back to basics. A random letter is as basic as you can get. Each time you arrive at this page a random letter will appear. If you need an additional letter, all you need to do is use the "next letter" button. If you need a list of letters, letters in other languages or a letter sequence (along with other options), you can use the advanced letter generator.

Learning the Alphabet

This tool is an easy and fun way for anyone to learn the alphabet. It doesn't matter if you're a small child learning letters for the first time or a student learning English as a second language, anyone who wants to get better with the English alphabet can benefit from this tool. With the randomness of the tool, you're never sure which letter will appear next which will give anyone learning or studying a good representation of how well they know the alphabet. Although the tool is quite basic in only showing one letter at a time, it's an excellent way to test your knowledge of the alphabet which is the foundation of both writing and reading. The best part is the more you practice, the faster you'll be able to master the English alphabet.

Writing Inspiration

For those looking to challenge themselves and their creative writing, this can be an excellent tool to make you think outside of the box. Instead of sitting down to write a paragraph or short story, try doing it with a twist. Come to this page and use the random letter that appears for the first letter of the first word of the first sentence of the story. Then hit the next button and you have the letter of the word to begin the second sentence. Continue to do this for the entire paragraph or short story. Since each letter is random, you'll need to use word creativity to shape the paragraph or short story in the way you want with a limited number of words to begin each sentence.

Vocabulary Practice

For those who are trying to learn new words, this can be a wonderful tool to practice the vocabulary you've already studied to make sure you have learned your vocabulary words. It's simple to do by yourself and even better if you have a friend to practice with. All you need to do is generate a random letter and then come up with as many words you know that begin with that letter. You can also make it more of a challenge by coming up with all the words that end with the random letter. For the best results, you should write these words down and save them. Then as the weeks and months pass, you can go back to the sheets of paper so you can see how much your vocabulary has improved over time.

Playing Word Games

This tool can also be used to play a variety of word games. The number of games is really only limited by your imagination. For example, you can generate a random letter and then everyone in the group writes down as many things that begin with that letter that they can see with each one being worth a point. Another option would be to create a random letter and the first person has to say a word that begins with it within 5 seconds, then the next person says another word and you continue until someone either repeats a word already said or can't come up with one in the five-second time limit. There are dozens of ways to use a random letter to begin a fun game with family or friends.

If you have been using the random letter generator on a regular basis, we'd appreciate hearing from you on exactly how you've been using it. The better we understand how this tool is being used allows us to make adjustments to it so that it can ultimately be better for everyone. We'd also appreciate you sending us an email with any ideas you have on ways we could improve this tool for everyone.

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