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Random Word of the Day

Welcome to the random word of the day. Each and every day there will be a single word displayed on this page which will remain there for 24 hours. This gives you the opportunity to learn a new word every day to grow your vocabulary. Since the words displayed on this website are quite unusual, the definition of the word of the day is also included. While this page only displays a single word each day, those who are interested in more weird words can head over to the random word generator to sort through them to your heart's content.

The world is a busy place and we're all flooded with information which can often overwhelm us. Sometimes it makes sense to take a step back and instead of trying to absorb everything, concentrate on a single word to play with for a full 24 hours. This gives you an opportunity to try and insert it into a daily conversation, share it with friends and have a chance to truly make it a part of your vocabulary going forward.

We've created a list of random words that are weird, unusual, quirky and most of all fun. Most of the words will be ones you have never before seen or heard, but each should make you tilt your head a bit, absorb the meaning and smile a little. Learning new vocabulary should be fun and we hope that the words we pick are interesting enough that you want to share them with friends and family.

The random word of the day is also a great way to have challenges with friends or as a family unit. Take the word each day and see who in your group can work it into the most conversations throughout the day. It's a wonderful way for the entire group to improve their vocabulary in a fun and interesting way.

It's also a fun way to brighten up the office. Take the daily word and put it on the whiteboard near the water cooler or coffee machine. People like words and you'll be surprised at how quickly those in the office come to enjoy seeing a new word each time they come into work.

If you're a teacher, assigning your class to come and visit each day to learn a new vocabulary word is an unusual assignment that may have a much bigger impact than simply learning a new daily word. Getting students to learn a little something each day can eventually form into a lifetime habit. This is the perfect way to show that learning even small amounts on a daily basis can turn into large amounts of knowledge over the course of a year.

No matter how you ultimately use this tool, we hope that you find the random word of the day generator useful and fun. If you do find it interesting and worthwhile, please take a moment to share it with your family and friends.